Sustaining New York's Farms

I am excited to share that I will be speaking at ThINCubator in Utica, New York on October 3rd during Albany Law School’s “Sustaining NY’s Farms: Legal Solutions for Farm Business Futures” event.

The event will focus on protecting farms with information on bankruptcy and debt-relief instruments, conservation easements and other farmland preservation tools, buy-sell agreements and equity transfers, and retirement, long term care planning, and asset protection. I will be presenting information about estate and long term care planning and asset protection for the family farm. If you are a farm or small food business owner, you should consider attending think event. If you are interested in registering or learning more about the event click here. The event is free for those not requesting continuing legal education credits.  Attorneys and the general public are welcome to attend.

I began my career in one the “big law” firms primarily focusing on business and real estate law. It was during my time there that I realize just how intertwined things like your house, your business, and your long term plans often are, especially if you are running a small business. It was for that reason that I began my practice with the intention of helping farmers and food entrepreneurs plan for secure life transitions into retirement and long term care.

Though my practice has grown and I am now serving farm and non-farm clients, I enjoy the opportunity to share knowledge and help practice in the agricultural community to give back to those that feed us.