Stories of Service

           I often spend weekends and holidays with my family in Essex, New York which has felt like home to me since I was a young girl. Essex is a small town in a rural community and spending Thanksgiving there got me to thinking about how my love of this particular rural community has influenced the beginning of Harris-Pero Legal Counsel, PLLC.

           One thing that any member of a rural community must think about is farming. From driving by farms and fields on my way to and from Essex as a child and now as a mother I often find myself thinking about where our food comes from and how it got to my kitchen table. This is why I began my practice with the intention of helping farmers and food entrepreneurs plan for secure life transitions into retirement and long term care. My focus has primarily been on helping small, family businesses that conduct work “at the kitchen table.”

           Through this I became connected to the New York Small Scale Food Processors Association (NYSSFPA). I joined the board of NYSSFPA in 2016 and have been the chair of the marketing committee for the past 2 years. I have enjoyed working with NYSSFPA because it has helped me make many meaningful connections throughout New York State and in the Saratoga County region.

            I recently met with the founders of Beyond My Battle, an organization aiming to create a more positive space for support and sharing for people with an incurable disease or a disability. I met with one of the founders, Martel Catalano, not too long ago and was invited to join the board. I look forward to helping this group reach and help more people and their loved ones cope with life challenges. When I was 10, my older sister was in a car accident that resulted in a traumatic and irreversible brain injury. Inevitably, this cause some family struggles and restructuring. We all needed support in different areas and it was hard for us to support one another. I am looking forward to reflecting on my experience and using it to help my work with Beyond My Battle.

            All these experiences connect to what I now see as the mission and vision for Harris-Pero Legal Counsel. We help plan and prepare people for life transitions – both planned and unexpected. How do you serve and what is the mission or vision that you find meaning in?

Megan Harris-Pero