New York Agricultural Tourism: New Protections and Responsibilities for Businesses

By Sarah Collier, J.D. Candidate 2018 & Megan Harris-Pero, Esq.

In October 2017, New York passed the “Safety in Agriculture Tourism Act.” The Act was passed with the intent to provide agricultural businesses with protection from potential lawsuits that arise from risks associated public visitors to farm properties. The Act applies to agricultural tourism businesses such as farm and winery tours, equine activities both outside and indoors, and u-pick Christmas trees. The Act provides farmers with some protection; however, it does not provide full protection from all potential liabilities.

To be protected under the Safety in Agriculture Tourism Act, businesses must meet all the requirements and responsibilities of operators listed in The Act. Such responsibilities include posting “Warning signs” of risks associated with the activity and providing adequate training to employees. If there is a failure to follow any of the numbered responsibilities under the law, the business is no longer protected.

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