Lack of Long-Term Planning Greatest Challenge of Farmers (And Most of Us)

A 2016 Survey from American Farmland Trust identified “Lack of Long-Term Planning for Farm Transfers” as one of the greatest challenges for farmland access and transfer.

Among the top five resources selected as needed for farm families is: a shared list of technical experts and funding to help farmers hire technical experts.

Long-term planning can involve many types of planning – for you, your family, your business, your assets, and your land.

Harris-Pero Legal Counsel, PLLC has been working hard to develop planning solutions for farm families and other small businesses to make it easier to plan for business succession, estate planning, emergency/disability/ and elder law planning.

For agricultural clients, HPLC utilizes connections with organizations and technical experts with other expertise to develop a team that provides clients with a full-service approach to planning at a lower cost.

For other small business and family clients, HPLC has developed similar planning services to help you address your needs.

For more information on how HPLC can help address your long-term planning needs, please visit our website to sign up for more information, or call Megan at 518-860-5668.

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