Not Your Average Farmer's Market

In the Toronto area lies a city within a city, bustling with activity to ensure produce is available everyday. From your roadside stand looking to pick up some more items, to a supermarket buying in bulk, all Toronto residents have access to fresh and reasonably priced produce at the Ontario Food Terminal. The definition of an urban market, the Ontario Food Terminal is a fast paced farmer's market with food coming in and out of local and international suppliers, with the result being endless choices for consumers. Getting to visit the Ontario Food Terminal with Lead NY allowed me to witness up close the numerous people and steps in the produce supply chain from the farm to your table. It was amazing to see the widespread ethnic diversity of growers and distributors working under the Ontario Food Terminal umbrella. 

I have always thought of food markets as community personified; farmers collectively work to provide fresh and delicious produce while the community supports those same local farmers. The Ontario Food Terminal has been at the forefront of the "buy local" movement for over 60 years, with local farmers supplying their produce directly inside the terminal. With over two billion pounds of produce distributed yearly, Ontario Food Terminal is the largest wholesale fruit and produce distribution center in Canada, and the third largest in North America. The terminal aims to support local farmers, stores, supermarkets, restaurants, other farmer's markets and myriad other small businesses. Getting the chance to see the Ontario Food Terminal with Lead NY was an incredible experience. 

As a member of Lead NY, Class 16, I have been learning about leadership and the broad field of agriculture. When I started Harris-Pero Legal Counsel PLLC, I wanted to increase my understanding of the agricultural sector so that I could tailor my services to meet agricultural clients' needs. I enjoy sharing what I've learned from the Lead NY experience and I find clients, friends, and people in general enjoy learning more about where their food comes from. 

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