Missed Budgeting to Buy a Car?

Did you miss Budget to Buy a Car with Christine Smith? If you did, don’t worry! Below is a brief Q & A with Christine where she discusses what you need to know to navigate today’s car market and why she enjoys helping others achieve financial wellness.

1) Why do you do what you do?

I finally feel fulfilled with what I do. Mondays aren’t Mondays, and I never feel stressed in my job. I get to empower people not just with their financial picture but their overall personal and professional lives. 

2) What do you feel is the biggest misconception in the buying vs. leasing vs. financing debate?

That you will spend less money. People forget cars don’t last and over your lifetime you will always have to buy a car. 

3) When looking at used or certified pre-owned cars what should I look out for?

Parts of the car the dealership may not think you would check. Under the seats, the headliner, the trunk, under the hood. If it’s really dirty, disgusting, or damaged, you may be getting into a vehicle that wasn’t taken care of well, or may have issues down the line. Also, check all edges of a vehicle for smoothness. If any of those edges are rough it was likely repainted and could have been in an accident.

4) What's your best advice to someone in the car market right now?

Test drive first. Don’t get numbers first. Numbers mean nothing if you hate the car.  

5) What services do you offer your clients?

Full financial planning. I specialize in working with people of all incomes and financial backgrounds, particularly people with a lot of debt. We work on budgets, savings, debt management, protection and long term. We do not charge for our planning, nor is there an asset requirement. I also open my network to my clients as an extension of service so they have the opportunity to continuing growing personally and professionally. 

We are so glad that Christine A. Smith was able to share her expertise with us. Our next event will take place on February 26th at 6:30 pm! Come join us for Insurance Explained with Sherry Hoffman as she demystifies Home and Auto Insurance for us! Click Here for more information!