Halfway Through Summer

Here are some updates from Harris-Pero Legal Counsel. It has been an exciting couple of months for us between moving to our new location, a new hire, and exciting growth.

As many of you know, we moved to our new office location at the beginning of June. We are now located at 648 Maple Avenue in Saratoga Springs in the Wilton area. Our office has a convenient location and features space for our upcoming seminars and open houses. Keep an eye out for announcements regarding those at the end of the summer!

It is also exciting to announce that Miller Fina has joined us as a Full Time Legal & Customer Support Assistant.  With Miller’s help, we are able to take our customer service to a new level. You can read more about Miller on our “About Our Team” page by clicking here.


Summer means busy! I recently returned from a road trip with my family to see my new niece. It was a great trip and so nice to spend time with my husband, daughters, and mother.

Our road trip reminded me of how important it is to plan. From driving schedules to snack breaks it was helpful to have the important parts of our road trip planned out. Of course, a road trip is much like life. You cannot plan for every bump in the road or any accidental detours.

This reminded me of why I enjoy estate planning in particular. I like to plan ahead but none of us can plan for everything. By taking some precautionary steps, we can make sure that your health, wealth, and family will be protected no matter what lies ahead.

Be sure to check out the rest of our website for some more updates and to keep an eye on the blog for more posts coming soon!

Megan Harris-Pero